Top Reasons Why Kids Should Play Sports? The Experts’ Opinion

Why kids should play sports

There’s a pretty good reason why sports are integrated into our school systems from primary to tertiary education. They just help hone the youth into becoming the responsible people that they can potentially be.

Sports teaches a lot of good values and at the same time, it’s a pretty healthy habit for all of us. Really, sports for kids is a no-brainer, it should be 100% yes. But, if you need a little bit more convincing then here are the top reasons why kids should play sports.

Sports Are Fun For Anyone

There are a ton of sports to choose from if you really want to get to it. There are sports for singles, doubles, and teams. So really, anyone can get involved in it and it’s one of the most fun activities your kids can do growing up.

Some kids would grow to love certain sports and play them their entire lives and others would just enjoy it as a school activity or a pastime. You don’t even have to pressure your kid that much and what’s important is that they pick up the core values that this discipline teaches.

By the end of the day, they’ll be out there playing with friends and so they’ll most definitely have fun doing it.  They move on to maybe another sport or another set of activities overall.

Promote An Active Lifestyle

Promote An Active Lifestyle

Well, if any, sports is a great way to get your kids to appreciate an active and healthy lifestyle. And data proves that children who are physically active early on in life reduce their risks of a variety of illnesses later on.

Having an active lifestyle can prove to be really challenging as they reach young adult age later on but if they’ve integrated it into their lives early on then they will already have that much-needed discipline to keep on either exercising or playing the sport that they love.

Once again, they don’t need to be a professional athlete for sports to have an impact on their lives later on. Getting them into sports early in their lives is like teaching them a valuable life skill that would prove useful as they grow older. They’ll honour you for it for sure.

Develop Sportsmanship, Character, And Problem-Solving Skills

Kids will have different temperaments and sports is one of the best ways to test their character. It’s just one of the best situations to put them in and see how they will react to adversity, challenges, and when it gets rough with the opposing team.

No matter what type of sport you let them play, tennis where they get to play by themselves or with a partner, volleyball where they get to play with a team, and basketball where it can get really physically tough.

Their tempers can be tested as well as their critical thinking skills. They will learn how to solve problems on the fly and at the same time, due to the rules that they need to abide by while playing the said sport. And they need to know how to circumvent intense emotions and deal with them.

They will also learn that they won’t always win and that they will learn more from the losses. Learn how to be a gracious winner and know that in sports it’s either you win or you learn.

Time-Management Skills

If you get your kid to juggle sports and their academic responsibilities at the same time, then they’d learn valuable time and management skills throughout the process.

Especially if they love the sport so much but they also can’t let their grades fail. It may be challenging and they will need a lot of help from you. From this, they can also learn what it feels like to be independent and wanting to excel on something.

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The Value Of Teamwork

Aside from sportsmanship, your kid will also learn selflessness when it comes to sports. Especially if they will play team sports like soccer or basketball. With proper coaching, they’d realize that there’s no I in a team and that the best way to win is to win as a group.

This is another valuable lesson in life that they are not alone and that they have others to rely on. When the going gets tough, they need to know that they have you first as their parents to rely on and their peers. Hopefully, they get to be a shoulder to rely on for others too as they grow up.

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Confidence And Mental Health

Kids need to know that they are good at something for them to build confidence. The confidence they’d need later on in life. Being physically tough does not necessarily mean that someone is also mentally tough. Sports can be an avenue where they can develop both.That’s why kids should play sports.

How Do You Determine The Right Sport For Your Child?

Or should we say how do we help them determine the right sport for them, right? Not all kids would like the same sport. Maybe they’ll play soccer because their friends love soccer. Let them be, they might be good at it.

You also need to observant with your kid(s) and pick up on what their interests are. If you’re for them then there’s just no way you won’t notice what they really like to play.

Tell them that you have full confidence in them and that they may try anything they want. It’s okay to fail but what’s important is for them to not give up. After all, you miss all the shots you didn’t take.

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Final Thoughts: Why Kids Should Play Sports

These are the many benefits of sports and our job as parents or guardians is to help guide them at least give it a try. You never know, you are nurturing the next sports icon.

Be their first fan as that could be a big boost in their confidence. Sometimes, all kids need is a nudge in the right direction and they’ll handle the rest.

Parents should know why kids should play sports for helping them.

So say yes to sports, it’s the perfect way to prepare kids for LIFE.

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