How To Size A Kids Bike? Find The Best Fit For Your Kids

How to Size A Kids Dirt Bike

Riding a bike is perhaps one of the best experiences we can have as a youngster. Nine times out of ten, someone must have had that memory where the first got and rode a bike, and most often than none, it’s a treasured part of our lives with family and childhood friends.

That’s why as parents or guardians today, we need to make sure that if we want to get our kids a bike that it fits them perfectly for the best experience possible. Also, ensuring that the bike is the right size for them makes things a lot safer for them.

Here are our tips on how to size a kids bike.

The Size Of The Wheels

One of the easiest ways to find the best fit size for your kid’s bike is by checking on the wheel size. Here is a straightforward bike wheel size chart that you may use as your basis.

Wheel size in inches Age Height
2 to 3
2 ft. 10 in. to 3 ft. 4 in.
3 to 4
3 ft. 1 in. to 3 ft. 7 in.
4 to 5
3 ft. 7 in. to 4 ft.
5 to 6
3 ft. 9 in. to 4 ft. 3 in.
5 to 8
4 ft. to 4 ft. 5 in.
7 to 11
4 ft. 5 in. to 4 ft. 9 in.
The Size Of The Wheels of Kids Dirt Bike

Looks like a pretty easy decision that we now have this chart, right? Well, yes and no. Not all children would fall on the categories that this chart have and sometimes, determining the right size for your kid’s bike requires a few other considerations.

Some kids would be taller or smaller or maybe even heftier than most kids from their age bracket and so we need to make sure that they will be comfortable with their bikes. For that, you should know how to size a kids bike.

There are also balanced bikes that come with 10 inches wheels just so you know. The standard adult-size bikes would also have 26-inch wheels typically for kids 12 years old and up and most teens. Anything larger than that would be a modified version and for larger individuals or adults just so you’ll have an overview of how bike sizing works.

Let’s go ahead and discuss a few other factors that you may need to take a look at.

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Check On Your Child’s Inseam

Aside from checking on their height so you may get the best fit bike for your kid, it should also pay off if you check your kid’s inseam. A bike inseam is the measurement of the underside of your kid’s groin going to the bottom side of their ankles. The measurements should be in inches.

Checking on the inseam of your kid is invaluable in giving them comfort as they ride their bike.

Here’s Your Chart For Inseam Measurement: How To Size A Kids Bike

Wheel size in inches Inseam
14-17 inches
16-20 inches
18-22 inches
20-24 inches
22-25 inches
24-28 inches

The Seat Height

Your child’s bike’s seat height will also be very important especially if it will be their first bike (most likely a balanced bike) that they may use as they learn how to ride.

If your kid just graduated a balanced bike then it should be imperative that as they sit on their bike their feet can still reach the ground comfortably. This is so the child may stop the bike with their feet whenever they have to.

So, in short, the height of the seat should be equal to your kid’s inseam measurements. Another rationale for this approach is that a beginner bike rider is not yet that used to using the brakes and would still instinctually use their feet to stop the momentum or speed of the bike. Oftentimes, if a kid can’t reach the ground with their feet then it leads to mishaps.

Comfortable To Ride

A more advanced rider can afford a couple of inches above their inseam for their seat height. These are the kids that are comfortable using the hand brakes already and the additional seat height should help with the efficiency of each pedal because they’ll have more room.

That means that these kids can now bike longer routes and actually use it not just for recreation but also for a little bit of transport. In a nutshell, lowest possible seat height for the least experienced kid biker.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy for future growth. There are adjustable seat heights after all and they’d be beneficial as your kid grows and improves their biking skills. So you should know how to size a kids bike.

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What About If My Kid Is In Between Sizes?

If you’re not sure and your kid seems to be in between sizes then general advice would be to buy a larger wheel size with adjustable parts but the inseam should be what they are comfortable with. This is especially tricky if your kid is larger than the average kid their age and is still a beginner.

Don’t worry, bikes nowadays offer customizable parts and you can just to your bike shop experts and they’ll provide what your child needs.

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Other Considerations

By the end of the day, size shouldn’t be the only thing to mostly consider when buying a bike for your kid. You should consider their taste in bikes, what’s the point if they won’t like what you’ve bought, right? Kids can be picky.

Make sure they are enticed by the bike, pick their favorite color, pick an awesome design, or try to beautify it with some other components. You should also consider the bike’s design if it’s ergonomic enough.

Lastly, you should also consider the weight of the bike. Usually, a bike’s weight is determined by its material. There are lightweight materials that are just as sturdy but usually come at a much higher price point.

You can also think long-term when it comes to bikes if you think your kid is serious about it. These are all the elements that will add up to your kid’s satisfaction with their bike rides.

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