How To Grocery Shop With A Baby? What Experts Say!

Grocery Shop With Baby

Sometimes we can’t help but bring our baby with us to the grocery. Because no one is left at home to attend to them. Well, it’s not really that challenging If we know what to do and are prepared for the trip.
Here are a few pointers to follow on how to grocery shop with a baby — safely.

Where Do I Put My Baby While Grocery Shopping?

All right, first things first, we need to make sure that as you get out of your car. And get into the grocery shop that you know where to put your baby that they’d be comfortable and secure at the same time.

There have been a lot of reports of mishaps in grocery shops due to improper (for the lack of a better word) handling of babies.

It would be prudent to first call your local grocery shop. If they have grocery carts that can maybe accommodate either a car seat or a hammock. Some grocery carts will have a locking mechanism where a baby car seat can be situated and keep them steady for your baby to lie on.

If they do, then you’re in luck. All you have to do is just place your car seat properly in the grocery cart and place your baby over there for the duration of your grocery shopping. The second option, as mentioned, would then be buying a shopping cart hammock.

And yes, they do exist and they can be trendy and stylish as compared to your car seat. They fit perfectly well on grocery carts. Situate it properly and your baby should be comfortable enough.

Baby carries ensure that you don’t let your baby out of your sight too which for us is safest. And heck, it’s good exercise, you know.

Shop With Baby

What Do I Need To Bring With Me To Grocery Shop?

Babies, especially newborns, tend to wake up a lot of times during a 24 hour day to feed. So expect that they’d go hungry sooner rather than later. Please do not forget to bring a nursing cover or formula to feed them should that happen.

Bring an extra blanket, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, disposable changing pad, extra clothes, and plastic bag, or wait, you’re going to the grocery shopping, right? So, why not just buy them there, you may ask. Well, it’s always better to be ready at all times. You never know when you’re going to need any of the things we enumerated.

Pick The Best/Right Time And Keep It Short

It won’t be fun your first time out with a bay going grocery shopping so be sure to pick the best time to do so. This tip is two-fold. First, you’re going to have to pick the best time to go grocery shopping relative to your baby’s feeding time.

It’s actually advisable to go to the grocery after they’ve fed so they won’t go hungry on you plus won’t get cranky too. Next, is that you need to make sure to know when would be the best time to shop in your local grocery store where it won’t be crowded. This leads us to our other tip, make sure to keep your trip short.

How would you if it is rush hour and traffic is heavy? If there are a lot of people in the grocery store? Again, preparation is key. Know the lay of the land first. Last thing, make sure to keep your trip focused on just one shop. Plan first and don’t jump from one shop to another.

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Park Near Or Next To A Shopping Cart Stall:How To Grocery Shop With A Baby

This one is pretty straightforward. So that you won’t go back and forth, make sure to park near a shopping cart stall so you may just return the cart right away without having to walk a lot from your car as you finish grocery shopping. You can’t leave your baby in your car so you’re really going to have to carry them.
Simple yet strategic, huh?

Shopping List

Make A List And Check It Twice

Once again, it’s all about planning. Make sure to bring a list with you so you won’t A) miss an item and B) buy everything that you need efficiently.

You can’t be going back and forth inside the grocery store and waste time thinking whether you’re missing something. Wasted time is added risk to a grumpy baby and all sorts of problems will arise later on.

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Bring Additional Adult Support

Call in some reinforcement as much as possible. If your partner is busy then maybe mom can accompany you, it will be fun (or so they say). Your parents are the perfect source of tips and tricks (aside from this article) when it comes to bringing a baby to the grocery shop.

Or, they can just hold and take care of the baby while you run about. Get a friend or anybody that may join you. Your baby’s welfare is the priority here. An extra pair of hands would be super-useful especially if it’s your firstborn and first time out in the grocery shop.

Lastly, you may buy a baby carrier that you can wear, keep them close to you, and keep them safe (and secure). The only downside to a baby carries is that it is a much-added weight for you. To move around especially since you’ll be doing a lot as you buy stuff. Try to get as much help as you can from grocery assistants, we’re pretty sure they’d be willing to pause whatever they are doing to assist someone with a baby.

Perfect Your Routine: How To Grocery Shop With A Baby

It can get challenging we know or even scary but you can do it. As you do this regularly, it will become routine and you should be able to perfect it. Be wary of the challenges and trust us. When we say that you’re going to have more than one grocery run with your baby in tow for as long as they are well, babies. This is our thoughts on how to grocery shop with a baby.

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