Hoverboard Age Limit – Are Hoverboards Safe for Kids?

Hoverboard age limit

Kids are precious. They just want to get along with all the cool trends and be the smartest in the class. Well, most of them are. Seeing something cool like hoverboards is a big kick to any kid out there.This article will help you to know your kid’s hoverboard age limit.

Hoverboards are electric scooters that people stand on and ride. They’re handle free and self-balancing. You have to balance on them and shift your weight slightly to move forward, reverse, or spin around in circles. The speed of a hoverboard depends on brands. It can reach up to 5 to 16 mph.

Science fiction has begun to come to the reality since this century. All those things few writers and directors could think of are now being manufactured by tech companies.

But is it safe for kids? I mean, sure they can ride it if they are similar to skateboards. But there some things you need to know before you hand something like this over to a kid.You should know hoverboard age limit for your kids.

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 A Look at Hoverboard Injury Statistics

How likely is it to happen a hoverboard accident? Pan American Health Organization published a report about injuries of American children. It shows that over 27 thousand children face accidents while riding hoverboards every year. The age limit was an averagely of 11-13 years. Interestingly, more than half of them were boys.

Most of them were injured in their forearms and heads with fractures, bruises, or strains. Though it doesn’t cause as many damages as skateboard does, still the numbers are alarming for kids.

Safety With Hoverboards and Other Wheeled Toys

Fun is important for kids to grow mentally. But everything should be enjoyed maintaining proper safety. Know every precaution before using anything. Remember these safety rules for any wheeled toys:

  • Ensure wearing protective gear like helmet, knee, and wrist guard and don’t let them ride these without adult supervision.
  • Look out for any age or weight restriction from the manufacturers.
  • Electric wheelers can get heated due to its battery. Lithium-ion batteries have a bad reputation for overheating. So, make sure the toy is not worn or has no battery issue.
  • Use charging chords that are being provided with the toy. Because the battery is adjusted with it.
  • Teach or enroll your child for getting lessons about the wheeler your child using. This may help them to face a critical accident and decrease the risks.
  • Don’t let them ride this near traffic. As wheeled toys don’t have proper handles, the only bodyweight can’t be trusted on the main road.

Other Reasons for Not Allowing Your Kid a Hoverboard

In 2015, when Hoverboard was launched, it was an immediate success. But soon after the hit, manufacturers were receiving complaints from the customers about over-heating, catching fire or explosion.

In some cases, these incidents turned out so serious that even the largest online market place Amazon had to provide a refund for all the hoverboards that are sold.

It is not sure if it was because of the battery or the internal materials, but it’s always a risky electric toy that you should supervise while your kid is playing with it.

It’s Eexpensive

Depending on its features and brand, it can cost you up to 400$-1200$. Yeah! More than your apple products. And the worst part is, not much of its parts can be replaced. So, if you decide to invest in it, you better have a lot of cash. 

hoverboard accident

Expect Accidents

It’s not likely to happen fire accidents now and then because of a hoverboard, but impulsive riding can cause your child some fractures or injuries even traumatic brain damage as well. Also, riding hoverboards near traffic or on the main road could welcome road accidents.

If you allow a hoverboard for your kid, force them to use protective gear and good, supportive shoes every time they ride any wheeler.You should acquire knowledge about hoverboard age limits for taking care of your kids. 

Remember the Protocols: Hoverboard Age Limit

Due to having a lithium-ion battery, hoverboards are banned in every airport or many schools and colleges. And you cannot ride a hoverboard if you’re not over at least 8 years old and it’s not safe until you’re more than 16 years of age. A 6.5-inch wheel hoverboard is ideal for kids, as opposed to some of the larger wheel sizes. The larger wheel sizes are better suited for adults.

Hoverboards for Kids

Can children ride a hoverboard?

After all those negative points, we still think that a child can ride a hoverboard if it has a beginner mode which restricts the speed limit and makes the board easier to handle. Some kids get mature sooner than others and some of them struggle to find their way in tecs, so it may vary how your child responds in a crucial situation. If you think your kid can handle an electric scooter, what is stopping you from allowing your kid to have one?

Now, as we’ve discussed earlier, not every electric scooter has a good reputation in case of the battery, let’s get your kid a hoverboard the tech experts suggest.

Tech experts recommend Razor Hovertrax 2.0 for children to ride onto. It’s easy to ride, auto-leveling and safe to use. The best part is, it has a ‘learning mode’ for newbie riders which doesn’t need much adult supervision.

It features smaller, 4.5-inch and 7 inches or 10 for adults, has a lower top speed of 3.1 mph and it is quite a bit smaller than an adult-sized hoverboard. Also, it’s not that much costly. You can buy one starting at 180$. This particular brand didn’t receive any complaints regarding battery over-heating issues. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to supervise your kid.

Kids love hoverboards or any kind of electric scooter. It’s a fact. It may be because they’ve seen some celebrity riding a hoverboard or want to become the coolest in the class. Whatever the reason may be, you shouldn’t just hand them over anything nor keep them away from everything. Just maintain safety protocols while allowing them to have fun.

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