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With the wind blowing on your face and you making swift moves around difficult corners- you keep feeling invincible, don’t you? The breath of fresh air and the control you have over what you do gives you a different kind of satisfaction. Who does not want their kid to experience the same? Let’s talk about the Best Hoverboard for Kids Today!

While there is a lot of technology that satisfies your kids, there is nothing like the pleasure a hoverboard will give your kids. Apparently, people need an escape from their phones, tablets, and much more at one point or the other. During these crucial times, if your child has a hoverboard that he can ride around, he will feel closer to himself ad will realize a lot about his skill sets.

Hoverboards are versatile in nature- you can use them to reach your destinations and you can use them just for recreation. In fact, you can kill two birds with just one stone. Presenting your kid with a hoverboard will be one of the best decisions you make- both because it will make him grow better and also because he will be super happy with it.

Now, choosing a hoverboard is totally not an easy task. You have to know its parts and you have to know what makes these parts better than the others. Furthermore, with so many options available, it is natural that you will get confused. Our reviews of the best ten and the buying guide will help you find some ground.

If You Are In A Hurry, Here Are Our Top 3 Picks:

Name Our Rating Customer Reviews
TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed
SISIGAD Hoverboard
TOMOLOO Hoverboard with BT Speaker

10 Best Hoverboards for Kids: The Reviews

The Best hoverboard for kids

It is likely that a kid will be nervous about riding a hoverboard for the very first time. If you fear that will be the case with you then you can totally check this Tomoloo hoverboard out. Why? Because it is one of the easiest ones to ride for beginners.

Let us first get the hazards out of the way before getting to the really good things. Apparently, this hoverboard has the UL-2271 certification. As a result, it has minimized risks. Furthermore, it has other safety features like high-temperature resistance and fire retardance.

Therefore, you know it is safe for your kid. When it comes to the speed limit- you get a mighty 12 km/h limit. Also, it will last for ten kilometers after you fully charge it. So, that should be enough for the daily commutes.

The weight limit of this hoverboard is 165 lbs which are good enough for a kid. Apart from that, there are some better features that come with it. In fact, it has LED lights in the build along with a Bluetooth system and speaker. So, you can listen to music when riding. The hoverboard can be connected to an app as well to change a few of its settings.

Now, the problems you may face is with these very extra features. The LED lights may not work, the Bluetooth may not work. One common complaint was the app not connecting to this hoverboard. SO, check these features when you receive it.

Lastly, you are looking for the best hoverboard for kids? The unit is well built and comes at quite a reasonable price. You will really enjoy a smooth and easy ride with it.



If you want the hoverboard tires to never fail you, then this SISGAD hoverboard may be the one you are looking for. Yes, the very first feature that caught attention was the tires. Apparently, it has wide 6.5-inch rubber tires.

The rubber tires are great for any terrains and will provide you with a smooth ride. Furthermore, the tires are self-balancing. As a result, your kid will have a great time even on his first ride because the risks of him losing control will be very low.

Other than that, let-s get the worries out of the way. The hoverboard has the UL-2272 certificate so it is very safe. Furthermore, the maximum speed for this unit is 9 miles per hour. Thus, it falls within the safe range.

The maximum weight capacity of this hoverboard is 260 lb which is why it is rightly mentioned to be for adult kids. The unit operates using Lithium-Ion batteries and has a 300-watt dual motor working in it. Thus, you can consider it quite a powerful unit.

However, you may at times face some battery issues. Other than that, it has warning signals like beeping and flashing which at times occur for no reason. You will love its Bluetooth, Speaker and LED light features.

They literally spark sparkle to the unit. Apart from that, you will definitely enjoy a very smooth ride. The price is reasonable as well. This is one of the best hoverboard for kids.



This is very much like the first Tomoloo hoverboard we reviewed but with lesser features and more stability. Apparently, it also has 6.5-inch wheels which keep the hoverboard very stable. In fact, it is self-balancing which makes it a great choice for beginner kids who are a bit afraid to ride the hoverboard at first.

This hoverboard is very safe to use as it has both UL-2272 and UL-2271 certification. The motor and battery in it have safety features too that prevents it from overheating or doing any such harmful act. Furthermore, the motor itself is quite powerful.

You have to charge the unit for around two hours and then the hoverboard will continue for 7.5 miles ahead. Therefore, it has quite a good capacity. But, sometimes you may face problems like the hoverboard not holding charge as a number of other customers faced.

One other problem that a few customers faced was a vibrating motion- not a smooth one. Moreover, in a few cases, the plastic at the bottom cracked just after getting one bump. So, the quality of the material building the unit is definitely not the best hoverboard for kids.

Apart from all that, the unit has really nice LED lights and Bluetooth feature, Furthermore, it has speakers in it as well. However, it does not have any App like the previous Tomoloo hoverboard we reviewed. Otherwise, it can be the best hoverboard for kids.

It sure is a bit expensive but for all the things you get for it, it sure is worth it as well.



Want easy control over your hoverboard? Then, this Swagtron App-enabled hoverboard should be the right one for you. In fact, you can connect this hoverboard to your phone and download its app. Then, you can get easy updates on many things, change modes and also control more easily.

This hoverboard comes with the UL certificates so you do not have to worry about safety. Furthermore, the 6.5-inch-wide wheels also keep it super stable. You will see your kid getting along super fine with this hoverboard and you will wonder how he got so talented.

It has a maximum speed of 7.5 mph which is well within the safe yet speedy range. You do not have to charge it for long and one charge will take it through 8 miles. So, your kid can easily run chore (‘ride’ chores is more appropriate in this case). Also, he can commute daily using this hoverboard.

However, there were a few complaints that the batteries do not hold the charge for so long- it runs out. The weight capacity of the hoverboard is good and it does move in quite a smooth way. It has a few nice features like Bluetooth and speakers.

The problem with these features is that they can cause trouble. At times the speaker stops working and sometimes it’s the app that does not work. Again the sound from the speaker is not of the best quality.

The hoverboard has a good, durable build, the best hoverboard for kids. However, it still is quite expensive for a kid.



Want something that is not only easy to control digitally but physically as well? Then, this Swagtron Pro T1 may be what you are looking for your beginner kid. No, he will not feel scared when riding it. The reason? Because it is very smooth, stable and easy to control.

In fact, this one has the self-balancing feature which makes it easier to ride. Furthermore, it has gear stabilization for better control and also downward traction. Therefore, even downhills won’t be troublesome.

The 250-watt motor is powerful enough for this unit. Furthermore, you can charge it fully in one hour and ride for 7-12 miles straight. It is good at holding a charge, unlike many other hoverboards.

The hoverboard has a good weight limit of 220 pounds. It also has good features like the LED lights, two riding modes, battery indicator, and rubber bumpers. All of them work quite well.

What you may not like about this product is the quality of the build. It is not very well made. In fact, it gets cracked easily and you may hear rattling sounds as well. Very noisy for both kids and adults. But, the quality does not cut down the price either.

The good features keep the price where it is. But, if you want something that is easy to learn and control then this one will be a great choice despite the negatives as well as the best hoverboard for kids.



Do you not have smooth roads around your place? Then, no worries! You can turn your kid into a pro hoverboard rider by teaching him to ride on rough terrains with the Gyroor hoverboard as the best hoverboard for kids. Later on, the smooth roads will seem like a piece of cake to him.

In fact, it is not only by the virtue of the rider that hoverboards do well on all terrains but also the ability of the hoverboard itself. In fact, this Gyroor hoverboard is an excellent choice for rough terrains- be it soil, grass, anything of the type. It has 8.5-inch tires- can you believe it! The stability and strength you get from these tries are perfectly suitable for the kind of ride you are going to enjoy.

In order to power these tired, the unit uses two 350-watt motors. The maximum speed is 9.95 mph. So, it is within the range as well. But, this hoverboard does not stop just there. It does more.

Let’s talk about the features now. Apparently, you get LED lights with it, a Bluetooth feature that helps you control the hoverboard easily and also a music speaker. However, there were complaints that Bluetooth does not connect.

Other than that, the hoverboard may not always hold a lot of charge for the rough terrains. But you can rely completely on the safety it offers. It also has the UL certificates.

Overall, the build of the hoverboard is strong as it has to deal with rough terrains anyway.



If you do not want to give your kid the most powerful hoverboard because you fear for his or her safety then you can go along with this Xprit one. Apparently, when it comes to speed, power, and capacity, it does not offer much. But, whatever it offers, it offers in the best form.

The highest speed on this hoverboard that your child can reach is 6 mph. Very safe, isn’t it? Well, the hoverboard comes with all its UL certificates too so do not worry about the safety at all.

You have to charge it for two to three hours and then it will run for 45-75 minutes. It has a maximum weight limit of 165 lbs which is quite good for a kid. The hoverboard is very easy to learn.

What you may have a problem with is charging and also the battery life. As you can already notice, the battery does not last for long. Also, the charging cord stopped working in a few cases.

Another problem that people often face is with the replacement parts. If by any chance a part stops working, it is quite hard to find replacement parts for the hoverboard. Other than that, this hoverboard has rubber grips that prevent your kid from falling over when he is riding.

Apart from that, the rubber tires do a great job too. You will find LED lights with this unit and you will find the unit available in many colors itself. Xprit hoverboard, the best hoverboard for kids is a very good choice for a gift.



If you are buying the hoverboard for a kid, you want it to be lively, don’t you? But it is not only the colors that can make it lively- its performance can make your kid lively too! This LIEAGLE hoverboard will show you what lively hoverboards do.

The first thing you will notice about this hoverboard is the lively outlook- the colors! You will find suitable ones for both boys and girls. Then, what will amaze you is the control.

Your kid can easily turn it left right and even around. The hoverboard is very responsive and will take minimum effort to go as you wish it to go. Apart from that, it is very stable to ride on thanks to the amazing tires. That’s why this is the best hoverboard for kids.

Therefore, this unit does not really have a horrible learning curve. Apart from that, it has a strong motor of 300 watts and the maximum speed is 7.5 mph. Ideal, isn’t it? The unit has Bluetooth connectivity and also speakers which make the ride even more lively. Play some motivational music to help your child through.

At times the Bluetooth does not connect and the battery does not last either. These are the most common complaints from people who have used this hoverboard. Apart from that, the LED lights may not light up at times.

It seems the main problems are with the extra features. The main unit is well-built with sturdy features. The price is very reasonable as well.



If the balance is crucial to you when riding a hoverboard or you want it to have balance when your child rides it, then this Razor Hovertrax 2.0 may be the one you are looking for. Apparently, it has EverBalance technology in the build which keeps the riding surface very stable. Therefore, you can stand on it and feel in control of the board.

However, the hoverboard is quite sensitive too. You will have to get used to how it responds because it does respond quite well. A slight movement can make it go somewhere so you have to be aware all the time at first.

Other than that, the hoverboard is quite powerful. It has a motor of 350 watts (Dual) which lets you go at the maximum speed of 8+ mph. These are exactly the numbers you want on a hoverboard for kids. Furthermore, the weight limit is 220 pounds as well- a good one for kids.

The hoverboard has a great quality build and it honestly lasts. What does not last is the battery. There were a number of complaints about the battery. Some say the hoverboard would not turn on. Some that the battery does not hold a charge for long but needs quite a long charging time.

This is quite annoying. What is not annoying is the price. You get all these along with LED lights and two modes at quite a reasonable price. Therefore, if you ask me, it is quite worth the price if you do not ride for long. Like, if you want your kid to come back home fast then this hoverboard could help.



If you want something that screams quality then this Felimoda hoverboard may be what you are looking for. It is, in fact, made of aircraft-grade aluminum which makes it very durable and also very stable. You can stand on it and trust it completely to hold you just the right way.

In fact, it has 6.5-inch tires which also aids instability. The hoverboard has quite a good power. Apparently, it features a 300-watt engine which can give you a maximum speed of 15 km/hour. Which is quite powerful, right? It can carry a maximum of 120 kgs.

Furthermore, it is good with slopes too. You get LED lights along with it which makes it look cool in the dark. The problem you will face with it is with the battery. Apparently, the battery does not hold a charge for long. That is why all its capacities could go down the drain as you may not be able to use it for as long as you want.

Otherwise, this hoverboard does great and is built to last as well.



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Best Hoverboard for Kids: The Buying Guide

You have to consider certain things when you are out looking for something you need to buy the best hoverboard for kids. Hoverboards have a certain set of things you will have to consider, let’s check them out.

The Safety of The Hoverboard

No one wants their kid to get hurt. And, letting them go has the risk of them getting hurt. But, you just have to let them go, right? The only thing you can do here make sure in the best possible way that they will be safe and they will do fine.

This is why the first consideration when you are buying a hoverboard is the safety features of it. Hoverboards were invented not too long ago. However, at the beginning of its advent, there were cases of hoverboards overcharging and at one point overheating and bursting.

This could happen for many different reasons and with time brands attended to the danger. Now, most hoverboards that are available have a certificate that assures that it is safe. In fact, when you check out a particular hoverboard, make sure you check that it has UL-2272 certification.

This certification assures you that the hoverboards come with the minimum range of risks. And, this is extremely necessary when you are buying a hoverboard for your kids.

The Motor Power

Hoverboards run on motors. You will find different hoverboards with different motors and these different motors will have different powers. It is common sense the more power the motor has, the more powerful the hoverboard will be. In fact, you will enjoy better performance along with better speed.

Thus it is best if you choose the more powerful motors like above 200 watt powers. The maximum speed you want to use the hoverboard for will also play a role in this. Because it would be a waste of energy if you do not utilize the higher power of the motor. So, get something that is neither too low nor too high powered for the purpose you are buying the hoverboard.

The Battery Life and Charge

You usually have to charge the hoverboard to use it. Now, this is a matter of concern. You have to check what kind of batteries the hoverboard uses if it is renewable, how long it lasts, etc. A more immediate concern, in this case, is how long does it take to charge the hoverboard and how long the charge lasts.

This is where a lot of people face problems. For example, they may charge the hoverboard for an adequate amount of time and when they start riding it, they find that they are running out of charge super fast. That really kills the buzz, doesn’t it?

What good is a hoverboard if you cannot even ride it continuously for a few hours? How can you even commute using it if it does not even stay awake? So, check reviews to see how well the battery works and how long it takes to charge. You should buy the best hoverboard for kids.

The Build of The Best Hoverboard

Now, a hoverboard is something the kid will ride. What if it breaks? You do not even think about the consequences, do you? But, it is better to think about the consequences rather than face it, right?

So, let’s think. You do not want the hoverboard to break. So, it must be made of durable, high-quality materials. In fact, rugged frame, aluminum, stainless steel, such materials are good places to start. These are not only durable and strong but they also stand against corrosion and rust.

You also want the hoverboard to last, right? This is why the materials are so important to consider. Check the reviews to get the best hoverboard for kids.

The Speed of The Best Hoverboard

Who does not want to feel invincible when driving or riding anything? A hoverboard can make your kid feel incredible but you also want them to stay alive and in one piece. Therefore, you have to find a balance between the highest speed and the lowest speed which would be a safe range for them.

It is mainly the maximum speed of the hoverboard that matters. For a kid, you can choose a hoverboard with a maximum speed of 8-10 mph. Higher maximum speed than that could prove to be risky and a lower one might feel dissatisfactory.

Therefore, considering your kid’s abilities, choose a maximum speed that will prove to be optimum.

The Size and Material of The Tires

The wider the tires, the more stability you will enjoy. In fact, the larger they are, the smoother your ride will be. Other than that, the tires of hoverboards are usually made of rubber or plastic. Now, both perform differently on various terrains.

You can choose plastic tires if you plan to ride on hard surfaces. Apparently, plastic does a much better job on hard surfaces. However, they kind of do not last very long- hard on hard- you can quite imagine the friction causing damage.

On the other hand, rubber tires do a good job on both hard and soft surfaces. They are also more long-lasting unless of course, some pin causes a hole in them. You will enjoy smooth rides with rubber tires so they are a better choice for rough terrains.

Training Mode: With The Best Hoverboard For Kids

Since you are buying the best hoverboard for kids, chances are your kid does not yet know how to ride and use one. This is why you should consider a hoverboard that comes with a training mode. In fact, it will keep the initial rides for your kid extra safe and give your kid more confidence to ride and drive better.

You can relate the training mode with ease of use and user-friendly features as well. If there is a training mode, it means that the brand cares about user experience. So, the other features will be easy to use as well. Your kid will be able to control the hoverboard very easily.

The Many Other Features: The Best Hoverboard For Kids

As mentioned earlier, people do not use a hoverboard only to commute from one place to another but also as a form of recreation. Thus, a hoverboard comes with a number of features that add to the happiness of the rider. For example, some hoverboard comes with LED lights that not only make it look better but make riding a hoverboard at night easier.

Then, there are hoverboards with Bluetooth connectivity and inbuilt speakers. So, if your music adds to your good feelings, why not ride while the hoverboard soothes your ears too? So, you will find many such features that add even more value to the hoverboard. Check them out and decide which one you need.

The Weight and Weight Capacity

You will not be riding the hoverboard all the time and you will have to park it somewhere or carry it with you. In this case, a heavy hoverboard will prove to be a burden. This is why check the weight and see if the weight of the hoverboard is suitable for you to carry easily or not.

The second weight consideration is the weight limit of the hoverboard. Apparently, hoverboards have a certain weight capacity. If you exceed that capacity, the chances f it breaking or malfunctioning increases. When you are buying for a kid, it does not really matter much because kids do not weigh much, do they?

But, it is still better to check that the hoverboard has ample capacity to hold the child and more. So, check the weight capacity before purchasing to get the best hoverboard for kids.

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Best Hoverboard for Kids: The Benefits

Why should you buy a hoverboard out of all the other things for your kid? Here are a few benefits that may help you gain more confidence in your decision.

Fun and Useful: Not only are hoverboards fun to ride but they also help the kid to commute from one place to another. If the kid’s school is within the hoverboard’s range of reaching within one charge then your kid can happily get some fresh air while going back and forth from school.

Very Easy to Learn: You neither need a license nor training to ride a hoverboard- it is very easy to learn to use. Therefore, you enjoy everything it has to offer giving minimum effort.

Environment-Friendly: In your heart and mind, you can know that you are causing the earth no harm because hoverboards are quite environment-friendly. At least they are not as bad as the carbon dioxide-emitting vehicles that live around us.

Quite safe to Use: There were some safety concerns surrounding hoverboards at one time. However, those concerns are gone now. Furthermore, it is much like riding a bicycle but even easier when your kid learns to balance himself on it. He has to use the footpath for it so even safer!

For Everyone: As long as you are not crossing the weight limit of the hoverboard, anyone from the family or even friends can use the hoverboard. Think of the bond people will build by sharing a hoverboard.

Best Hoverboard for Kids: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to maintain a hoverboard?

Answer: Luckily, hoverboards do not really need a lot of care. All you have to do is get rid of the dirt on the wheels after you ride it. Other than that, just do not let it sit in your storeroom for days. Turn it on and ride it for some time at least weekly to keep it working. Other than that, if it overheats, give it time to cool.

  • Do hoverboards come with chargers?

Answer: Yes, most hoverboards come with their own chargers.


In conclusion

Hoverboards are quite fun things to have for yourself. In fact, they are very useful too. When you feel like doing nothing but still feel bored, a ride around town on a hoverboard will always help.

But, since these are quite complex units, buying one is not easy. Especially, when you have so many to choose from. Thus, this buying guide along with the reviews should at least tell you where to start looking. Start with the brands maybe?

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