Best Baby Monitor for Twins Review 2023

best baby monitor for twins

Well, miracles do come in pairs sometimes. And both of them equally need your love and attention at the same time. But you cannot just stay near them all the time. That’s why you need nothing but the best baby monitor for twins.

Such device will not only let you monitor them remotely but also will give you all the freedom to relax and chill or do other chores.

Slide down a bit and get to know the 10 best baby monitor for twins that we have listed to help you out.

If you are in a hurry, Here are our top 3 picks:​

Best baby monitor for twins: The Reviews

best baby monitor for twins

Do your twins sleep in the same room and you want something to check on them together? Then Infant Optics DXR-8 can be the best baby monitor for twins.

It features nice-sized 3.5-inch screen that provides you with a crisp view in real-time video stream. Not just that, you will also love its sound quality that has been reviewed positively by many users.

This biggest plus is that you can control the camera remotely from the parent unit using its pan, tilt and zoom functions. With one camera, it offers a great field of vision making you check on your twins even if they move around the crib.

DXR-8 offers a decent range that goes up to 700 feet. If you have a small to medium sized apartment, it can be a great pick.

Additionally, it features a two-way communication through which you can talk to your twins without even being near them. Plus, its temperature sensor is also a great perk if you want to be alerted when it goes out of range. You will also be alerted with LED lights so you can sing and put them to sleep remotely when they start crying.

One function the monitor lacks is its inability to switch into split-screen mode. Many users missed this feature but it did not cause a big issue. To make up for the absence, the device offers a 10-second loop where you can switch back and forth between the views automatically and quickly.

With its 2.4 GHz wireless transmission, you don’t need to worry about the privacy or interference, thanks to FHSS technology.

Its night vision offered by infrared albeit gives you a decent view but people still felt that there were scopes for improvement.



V35_2US by Babysense offers a spectacular field of vision that makes it the best baby monitor with 2 cameras. You can easily observe the nursery and check on your twins, thanks to its state-of-the-art interchangeable wide-angle lens.

The monitor comes with a 3.5-inch color display that offers high-quality video streaming of the twins. With just one parent unit, you can monitor both the babies if they are kept separately in different rooms.

Not just that, it also features latest 2.4GHz FHSS Technology that provides you with super secure connection as well as detailed sound and vision.

Its two-way communication also works great. You can either talk to your babies directly or you can put them to sleep by using built-in lullabies that come with white sounds

The monitor offers a long range of up to 960 feet that will keep both of you connected even if you go far from them. The big plus is that you will also be alerted if you do out of the range.

The cutting edge Infrared Night Vision will work greatly during the darkest hours. You will get to see them clearly when the lights are out.

To add more, you can also use 2x digital zoom to closely monitor your babies. There will also be a 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt option that lets you adjust manually to check on them.

Some of the users complained about the temperature gauge that does not display accurate reading. So, that can annoy you.



The reason why Motorola Comfort75-2 is the best baby monitor for twins is because it ensures the best sleep with Hubble Baby Smart Sleep Assistant. This function will keep track of your twins’ hours of sleep, pumping sessions, diaper changes as well as the number of feeding times.

It comes with a parent control unit featuring a 5-inch LCD color display. You can also track the babies with a support stand that comes included with the unit.

The device works best to try and help relax your twins either through a two-way communication where you can put them to sleep by singing to them or using one of the 5 preset lullabies.

Comfort75-2 can transmit up to 1000 feet apart that makes sure you stay updated no matter wherever you are. It warns when you go out of range. Speaking of the alerts, you will also be notified of the slightest sound thanks to its high-sensitivity microphones as well as of its low battery warning.

One big pro that you can pan and tilt the camera remotely across the room through its left and right or up and down arrows. Not just that, you can also use its 2x digital zoom that lets you see the room in detail.

Not only you will be provided with a crystal clear view during day time but also at night with its infrared night vision technology.

However, some of the parents complained that the buttons are backlit that made it hard for them to control the monitor. Some of them also griped about the low-quality sound.



V24US_2 by Babysense has proven itself to be the best baby monitor with 2 cameras because of its rich features.

It comes with a 900-foot maximum range that makes it great for medium to bigger apartments. Besides, its 2.4 inches LCD color display offers crisp view as well as wide-angle view so that you can check on the twins clearly. Even if you keep them in separate rooms, you can set a 10 second loop and switch between the views with ease. Some users did not like its small display, but that should not bother you.

The camera comes with a digital zoom, tilting and panning function that you can use for making convenient adjustments. Although, you cannot adjust them remotely, but manual function is still a nice touch.

The 2.4 GHz digital wireless connection ensures a private, encrypted transmission so that you don’t have to worry of data privacy.

It also comes with different alert functions. When the battery will be low, it will alert you, if the temperature goes out of range, it will alert you, even if the babies start crying, it will also alert you. Plus, alarms can also be set for reminding you of feeding times, diaper changes, etc.

If it is not in use, it can go into Eco mode, that will shut off automatically until it detects a sound from the babies.

If you want to calm your babies down, you can talk to them over the device or use its built-in melodies that come with the device.



With two cameras, LBtech LB55953-2T ensures a user-friendly device that makes it the best baby monitor for twins.

Both the cameras offer a crisp view while you can monitor the entire nursery apart from the twins. Coming with 4.3-inch LCD display, you will get to enjoy all of their activities on loop. However, you will just have to plug and play, so there is nothing to set it up.

Just like most of the rivals, it also comes with 2x digital zoom so you can monitor the twins in detail.  Not just that, you can also manually pan and tilt the camera whenever you need.

There will be VOX mode that makes the Voice activation function wake the screen display automatically after detecting their crying. However, many users stated that it did not work most of the time, so that can be a drawback for you.

The device works to save power, thanks to its auto shut off feature so that it can let the battery last longer than usual.

Not just that, you will also love its alert features starting from low battery to out of range temperature that adds extra privilege.

No matter where you are in the house, you can move up to 1000 feet far from the spot letting you stay connected. And if you think your babies need you immediately, you can talk to them from another room and put them to sleep.

Besides, you can also check on them at nighttime using its infrared night vision technology that transmits clearer image even in lowlight condition.



Grab this Moonybaby Split 50 if you want to enjoy a wide view angle with 2 cameras. Both the cameras don’t only ensure crisp viewing with 5-inch LCD display but also let you check on the twins simultaneously with split screen if they are crawling in different rooms.

Besides wide-angle lens, you will also enjoy its detailed image quality, thanks to 2x digital zoom function. Sad thing is that you can’t tilt or pan the camera remotely but you can adjust it manually.

However, its night vision does a decent job. But users still felt that it gets blurry a bit when it automatically switches into night mode.

That said, the device impresses you with several other options. It features two-way communication to talk to your twins and 5 inbuilt lullabies that can help put them to sleep.

It also offers alerts in different situation, be it low battery, baby crying or out of range temperature. This way, you can always make sure the babies have no trouble.

Its screen will be turned off automatically when they will fall asleep and activated as well if it detects the slightest sound.

With 1,000 feet coverage, it offers the longest range so that you can move around your big house while being connected.



If you are looking for the best baby monitor for twins with 2 cameras, then MBP50-G2 by Motorola can make an ideal choice.

It comes with a split-screen function so that you can check on your twins on big 5-inch LCD display with ease. It will not only give you a crisp view of the babies during daylight but also when the nursery is out of light.

The monitor also provides you with a bird’s eye view of the entire nursery. With this device, you can monitor the entire room.

One great feature is its pan, tilt and zoom functions that you can control remotely. So, convenience has been ensured.

Not just that, it also features two-way communication that let you reassure your twins with your soothing words via its inbuilt high-quality speakers.

The device also works to detect the slightest sounds and notify you, thanks to its high sensitivity microphones. To add more, it will also alert you of the out of range temperature so that you can check and correct the temperature and make them sleep peacefully.

With 2.4 GHz FHSS technology, the device warrants you to have secure transmission ensuring you a complete data privacy.

The monitor also offers range up to 1000 feet that makes it an ideal pick for bigger house. Even if you go out of range, it will alert you immediately.

You will find only two cons that that disappointed many of their users. One is that the cameras are super zoomed in cutting majority of the areas, and another is its short battery life. However, you will be alerted with the low battery signal so you can charge it quick.



Axvue E612 comes with two cameras. One for each room so that you can check on them separately if they are kept in different rooms. It does not need any app or internet to use the device, so can call it the best baby monitor with 2 cameras.

You can tilt the camera at almost any angle, although not remotely, but manually. No matter how much of chores it sounds, you can get to see around the nursery, especially when your twins tend to move around much.

Another great thing is that you can zoom in and out by the screen the double so you can see them closely. Albeit you may not need the function, since many users remarked it having a super zoomed in camera. So, this can be a small drawback for you as the cameras will cut most of the areas, no matter how far you keep them.

With wide 4.3-inch TFT-LCD screen, they offer high-quality image of the video feed and you will find it simpler to view. Not just that, you can expect similar quality during darkness, thanks to its automatic infrared night vision technology.

It uses a latest 2.4 GHz interference-free technology that does not only guarantee optimum video quality but also lossless data transmission and data privacy.

You will also be provided with a two-way conversation function. It will be perfect for communicating with your twins if you can’t be near them. If you want, you can correct the volume through 5 distinct degrees.

It also features a room temperature gauge that senses the temperature and alerts you if it goes too hot or too cold.

The coverage of 800 feet is also decent enough especially if you have a standard-size apartment.

There is also a Scam Cam function that enables you to switch the cameras periodically in every 8 seconds. So, it offers privilege at its best.



DBPOWER 2021 version has been proven to be the best baby monitor for twins, thanks to its crystal clear video quality. The monitor features 3.5-inch IPS screen that offers 3 times more detailed image than its rivals. Its real-time transmission will let you observe all the movements of your twins without any delay.

You will also love to see them even if the lights are out, because of its night vision function. It will not disappoint you with the quality at all.

With 2.4GHz technology, the monitor has been designed in such so that you don’t need any app or Wi-Fi. It also helps greatly in keeping the device from being hacked. 

DBPOWER monitor also promises to transmit smooth video up to 1000 feet making it a great pick.

Not just that, it also comes with integrated Thermostat through which you can track the temperature of the nursery in real-time.

The big plus is its Tenker baby camera that sings your baby to sleep with five pre-programmed lullabies. If you want, you can also comfort them to sleep by telling bedtime stories, thanks to its two-way communication system.

The device comes with adjustable visual and audible alert when the battery gets low so you can charge it quick. It also features baby crying alert that will notify you of their crying. You can adjust the volume of the alert up to 6 levels depending on your convenience.

When not in use, the monitor will automatically sleep so it can save power. Once it detects the voice of twins, it will turn on the warning lights activating the screen.

Its 2x zooming function is also very useful. You can check on your twins closely by using this feature.

One of the issues with the monitor is that its screen is way too bright. And if you try to level down the brightness, you won’t be able to see anything. There are many users who also griped about its short battery life.



The VTech VM301 is an ideal add on that goes great with VM321 monitor. While the monitor offers 2.8-inch screen so that you can check on your twins easily, the camera offers several features to make you multi-tasker.

Firstly, the digital device uses DECT 6.0 digital technology that helps eliminate background noise and avoid interference. This way, it ensures crystal-clear transmission so that you can only listen to your twins’ sound. Besides, the tech also promises to transmit an encrypted signal that makes it safe enough to avoid being hacked.

The device also features camera lens that you can adjust it to have the viewing angle that will work best. Albeit, you have to physically adjust it, but that is still a great convenience.

With up to 1,000 feet coverage, you can stay connected to your twins no matter how far you go, thanks to 2.4 GHz system. Not just that, it will also not reduce its quality even if you go farther from the spot.

The device has 8 infrared LEDs that detect dim light automatically, offering clearer quality during nighttime. Not only it will avoid disturbing them but also help them sleep peacefully.

The camera also comes with a wall mount that you can attach to a wall with ease without the need of any extra bracket.

With the 2-way talk-back intercom function, you can also communicate with your twins. If not, you can use one of the 5 preset lullabies that come with the device.

It also displays temperature through which you can make sure to check and correct the temperature the babies are required to be under. However, some of the users think that it does not display accurate reading which disappointed them the most.



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Best baby monitor for twins: Buying guide


You will need a camera that you can control from the monitor. This way, you’ll be able to rotate the angle of camera and scan the entire room. However, there are also many models that enable you to manually change the viewpoint. But, if you want to lessen workload, we would recommend you the former one.

Besides, you also need to make sure the quality of the camera, because it will let you enjoy high-quality image and clarity of the view. Also make sure it covers the entire room. Because, it will let you see your babies’ movement around the nursery at a glance.

If you are having two babies sleeping in the same crib, a single monitor is useful.

But if you keep them in separate rooms, then having a device with two cameras and one parent unit is crucial. Such devices can come with split-screen functions so that you can check on your twins separately on a single monitor at the same time.

Night vision

Several monitors come with infrared night vision. Such functions let you check what’s going on even when it’s dark around.

There are many devices that use infrared technologies that adjust the room’s darkness and transmit the image of the twins. We would call it a very essential function for night surveillance.

Range and signal

Range indicates how far you can go with the monitor from the twins’ nursery and still get the signals. Make sure you get a device that can transmit signals in the longest range. Even if you have to go out, you will need one that can cover that range.

Also, if you are living in a large house, you need to make sure the range covers all the areas so that you can move around anywhere without losing the signal. Majority of the monitors come ranging from 600ft to 1000ft. If it has digital transmission function, you are good to go.

Battery life

You want to make sure to plug in the monitor overnight when you are all sleeping. That is when the life of battery comes into play. You are likely to be in good shape if the battery lasts a whole night, especially till the babies are done with sleeping.

But you also need to know that battery life can decrease over time. For instance, if the device runs for 8 hours during the initial days after purchase, then it can decrease to 4 hours after a year.


Many models feature visual crying alerts that’d send a signal and notify you through a light or alarm on the device.

Some of them come with temperature sensor that senses if temperature is too hot or cold. This feature detects the temperature and notifies you if the levels go out of range.

Besides, you need a camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom remotely. This way, you will be able to switch views, check bigger areas and zoom in on your twins.

Two Way Communication

This feature lets you have your voice come out from the babies’ unit by pushing a button on the parent unit. When your twins start crying, it can be an excellent way to soothe them without the need of going to their crib. 

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Best baby monitor for twins: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many monitors should you get?

A: You don’t need extra monitors if you keep the babies in the same room. You will get many models in the market that let you observe the room easily with a single monitor. But if you keep them in separate rooms, then having two cameras with split-screen becomes a necessity. This way, you can check on both separately using the split-screen function at the same time.

Q: Why split-screen is ideal to monitor twins?

A: Many parents prefer to keep the infants in two individual rooms, since it helps avoid interruptions that can be caused by either of them. That is why, split-screen becomes a necessity.

This function in baby monitor lets you view the video feeds from 2 cameras, especially from your twins in separate cribs.

With one display unit, you will be able to check on your children side by side and know what they are doing.

Q: What kind of maintenance do you need for baby monitor?

A: Typically, the only maintenance they require is cleaning. Make sure you clean the monitor from time to time so that you can keep the dust off the lenses as well as the monitor. Also, ensure to keep the battery charged, particularly the ones that use AA or AAA batteries.

Best baby monitor for twins: Final Thoughts

You know you are in double trouble when you have twins and need to give them equal care and attention. Even if you can’t stay close to them and observe them at every moment, the baby monitor will help you do that remotely.

Hope out of the 10 we listed above, you get the best baby monitor for twins and enjoy your freedom!

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