Baby Won’t Sleep? Here’s How To Get A Baby To Sleep In A Crib!

How To Get A Baby To Sleep In A Crib

Having a hard time getting your baby to sleep in a crib? There are a ton of challenges when it comes to bringing up a baby especially for new parents and most definitely, getting them to sleep in their own crib is one of them.

Well, knowing the reasons why they won’t do so is part of the solution and for sure, it will take patience and a little bit of practice to get used to the process. These are the things that we are going to explore in this article.

Here are our tips on how to get your baby to sleep in a crib.

Why Won’t My Baby Sleep In The Crib In The First Place?

I bet you find it frustrating too that you’ve prepared this wonderful and comfortable crib for your little one to sleep on but then it turns out they don’t want to for no apparent reason. And, you may think that maybe there’s something that I didn’t do right or that maybe the crib is not comfortable enough. Well, don’t worry as this is something that’s really natural.

This happens all the time and it is most of the time a case of “it’s not you but me” kind of thing. But of course, it’s still our job as parents or guardians to figure out what’s going on and why your baby won’t sleep on the nice comfy crib.

What’s the most common reason why they won’t? Well, some would suggest that it’s because they’ve gotten so used to sleep somewhere else, or maybe in the comfort of your embrace, awww, melt’s your heart doesn’t it? But no, they need to learn how to sleep in their crib for you also need your rest and relaxation.

Baby Sleep In The Crib

Some of the other reasons why babies won’t sleep in cribs are when they feel ill, they are currently experiencing teething pains, they are on a growth spurt, or maybe they are experiencing a case of sleep regression. A sudden refusal to sleep in cribs is also sometimes caused when babies reach certain development milestones so be wary of that.

So, now that you know some of the common reasons why they won’t sleep on a crib, it’s much easier to remedy the situation.

How To Get Babies To Sleep On Cribs

Here are our tips:


Make Sure That The Entire Room And Not Just The Crib Is Conducive For Sleeping

Babies don’t have anything else to rely on but their instincts so you can bet that they’ll trust them 100% this early on in their lives. So, you must be able to simulate a place that they are comfortable in, and most of the time, it ain’t just the crib but the entire room.

Make sure that the room has got the right temperature which is cool enough, has the optimum lighting, and most of all, not noisy at all. Most of the time, getting all these factors right solves the problem right away. If they don’t then proceed to our next suggestions.

Play Now, Sleep Later

Play Now, Sleep Later

When your kid is at the phase where they learn new tricks like rolling, crawling, and anything new, make sure to let them enjoy those so you can get a little bit more playtime especially during the day.

Once they’ve stayed active, it’s almost certain that they will be sleepy later on. The best way to get them to sleep and be comfortable with sleeping in their crib is to set them down when they are already too drowsy and can no longer resist.

But do take note that babies are oftentimes restless sleepers so be very gentle as you put them in the crib.

Dress Them Up (Properly)

We need to make sure that they are comfortable with what they are wearing. Make sure that their clothes are also appropriate to the room temperature or in your area’s overall climate. Sometimes, all it takes is a change of clothes to keep them cool and then they’ll sleep soundly.

If they need additional warmth then maybe you need to swaddle them or put them on a sleep sack. They won’t only be secure this way but also be warm enough if the room is too cool.

Other Instincts

Babies are very sensitive when it comes to their instincts and we are referring to their need to feed. They won’t sleep at all if they are hungry or don’t have a regular sleeping schedule so you can’t expect that they’ll sleep in the crib either.

Make sure that they are fed and won’t go hungry as you set them down the crib. Also, their instincts are also informed largely by the sense of smell, most of the time, they’ll sleep if they can smell you so try to put familiar scents in their crib like your blanket or any sheet. Trust us, this technique works wonders.

Have A Ritual

Have A Ritual

If it works on insomniacs adults then it should definitely work on babies too.  While babies won’t have as many problems sleeping they too can sleep soundly and in their crib if you devise a certain sleep ritual for them.

You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary with your ritual or sleep routine either. Read to them, sing some melody, or cuddle them. These practices would signal their young brains that it’s time to sleep.

So, What About Toddlers?

Well, anything that worked on them as a baby or when they were a lot younger should still work for them as they grow older. Kids hang on to these habits longer than you might expect. So keep on doing what works.

If you have to, apply some changes to your routines gradually and not too abruptly to give them time to adjust. If things don’t improve then maybe it’s time to employ a few advanced sleeping techniques or consult your pediatrician.

Remember, consistency is the key here so be as patient and disciplined while nurturing your child as possible.

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